Padraig Robinson, Parellel to states of..., 2016, 

23 mins, English / HD Film 

Camera / Francy Fabritz (16mm transferred to digital), Charlie Pite (DV), Padraig Robinson (HD)


 'Parallel to States of ...' is a film in the place of a written text excavating the haunting legacy of the unpublished. The film is devised as a replacement. A supplement to the recently published book 6 — 9: Notes from the archive of Dan Kane, Publication Studio, October 2016. Voices tell different stories about friends unconncected to the images: legacies and experiences that always seem to exist behind the monitoring and representing of public life and death. Seeming disconnections, and connections, between sounds and images are unstable, as they always are, underlying a formal concern with the ability of the image, as a material, to simultaneously resist and require interpretation. This is approached in the film via the motif of the photographer's voice as background noise, and the performance of researcher and subject as bodies in motion. The edited material begins with a 2009 monologue by the photographer Dan Kane departing from an abandoned PhD, Sprachlandschaft (linguistic landscapes). This is combined with rehearsal recordings of actor improvisations and the film 'Bolex Improvisations', both with Alexandru Cirneala & Francesco Vellei. 

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