IQA MS 46,052/6,  photocopy circa 1983,  National Library Of Ireland, Dublin.

Cathal Kerrigan / Padraig Robinson, Gay’s Against Imperialism / Gaze Against Imperialism

Forthcoming book published by Metaflux // Incandescent Bodies,

with upcoming contribution to  Cadernos Sesc_Videobrazil, March 2017, the annual magazine of Associação Cultural Videobrasil, São Paulo. This issue is curated by Rodrigo Maltez Novaes and framed by the philosophy of Vilém Flusser.

This upcoming book departs from a photocopy of a photograph located in the Irish Queer Archive (IQA), National Library of Ireland. It depicts a protest in Ireland circa 1983 with a banner reading Gays Against Imperialism (IQA MS 46,052/6). After contacting former member Cathal Kerrigan (now a librarian in University College Cork), the book traces the resonance of the photograph through a variety of published forms. The title Gays Against Imperialism / Gaze Against Imperialism visualises the mishearing inherent in any public utterance, framing the visual and textual modes of production in the book.

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