Padraig robinson

Padraig Robinson, Chapter 5: Risks of the Game, 2015, 16mm film transfered to digital, synced sound, Romanian and Italian language with English subtitles / 4.5 mins transcript segment followed 5 mins graphology improvisation. 

Starring Alexandru Cirneala as Laud Humphreys & Francesco Vellei as Tim Cinematography by Francy Fabritz
Sound and operation by Marie Klein
Thanks to Sarah Jones, Eric Kim & DFFB,

Filmed at battleROYAL Berlin 


Started in 2015, the ongoing film Masquerades of Research translates interview transcripts from each chapter of Laud Humphreys' Sociology PhD, Tearoom Trade 1970. Republished in 1975, the original transcripts were destroyed for legal reasons, meaning they are un-archivable and unverifiable. Not only was the sociologist abetting a crime (when homosexual sodomy was illegal in the US state), the validity of the PhD was in question due to the ethical rights of the subject. The same year the PhD was approved, the sociologist was sentenced to a three month jail sentence, after the FBI placed him on the agitator index. Not for his research, but for Anti-Vietnam activism within his University Position. A major thesis in Tearoom Trade is the incongruity between the public and private self, or the official and unofficial, where the most conservative of public voices are the most hypocritical in private anonymity, something termed "The Breastplate of Righteousness" in Chapter 6. The re‐staging of the interview transcripts is not a reconstruction, but rather an act of reading and translating material relevant to surveillance culture and research ethics. Developed through improvisational research with actors and cinematographers, the English text is translated into multiple languages. The process of making the work is grounded by experimental film and choreography emerging from the USA in the 1970's, such as Yvonne Rainer's Continuous Project Altered Daily 1970. Exploring the complex dynamics of researcher and subject through bodily gesture and voice, each chapter of Masquerades of Research will undergo various visual and dramaturgical treatments, interrogating how research is affected by the methods, performance, and quantification of its presentation. 

Padraig robinson

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